Le Petit Sécheron


Join one of our many workshops on offer, from cooking to clay, and learn a new skill or uncover your inner artist.


Some of the core values at Villa Lena include creativity, collaboration, community and connection. Our exciting programme of creative workshops addresses all of these principles, bringing unique experiences to our guests, led by our artists-in-residence. The workshops – which have ranged from flower arranging to pottery, creative writing to art therapy – will vary depending on the time of year and artists we have on the residency programme. This ever evolving cycle of experiences means you never quite know what to expect and each stay at Villa Lena is totally unique. There is always a focus on sustainability, we use natural materials where possible and create little to no waste, and connection to our surrounding nature. Participation in all creative workshops is free for hotel guests, though sometimes there might be a small charge for materials.


PASTA MAKING WORKSHOP Get creative in our kitchen as you create pasta from scratch and learn how to cook it to perfection. Delicious, fresh and totally homemade; create your pasta from scratch then learn how to cook it to perfection with Villa Lena’s chef-in-residence. When you’re done, enjoy your creations as part of a relaxing lunch cooked for you by our chef in residence, all washed down with a glass of one of our favourite wines. Adults 35€ Kids 18€


Try a selection of wines including those made with grapes from the Villa Lena estate. Join us for a couple of hours spent tasting a selection of Tuscan wines from small, family-run Tuscan wineries as well as those made with grapes grown on the Villa Lena estate. The tasting offers a glimpse into the more artisanal wines and production techniques of authentic Tuscan winemakers. Adults 35€


Join our traditional Italian or botanical cocktail making workshop Learn how to make traditional Italian cocktails, from Spritz to Negroni, or experiment with the flavours of Tuscany, picked directly from our organic orto, and create a unique botanical creation. Adults 25€