Le Petit Sécheron

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Notre démarche​

Our farm is a place of (re)connection with oneself, with others and with nature, where one understands the energy needed to grow fruits and vegetables.

It is an opportunity to get back to basics and to discover the origin of healthy, local and seasonal food. It is important to us to preserve this rural heritage in our family for 5 generations.

We believe that part of the solution lies in small, self-sufficient, resilient farms with multiple activities, capable of revitalizing territories and communities.

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Le Petit Sécheron, c’est une fenêtre sur notre vie d’agriculteurs. C’est un lieu d’échange sur les thèmes qui nous tiennent à cœur.

Nous rêvions de mettre nos compétences complémentaires au profit d’un projet plus grand que nous. Aujourd’hui, nous créons un lieu qui aura un impact sur la manière dont on cultive la terre, dont on se nourrit et dont on prend soin de soi et des autres.




Farm School

Events on the Farm

What's Happening

The Silos are the backdrop for a variety of events hosted by Magnolia throughout the year! With our big green lawn and lawn games, food trucks, and our outdoor stage, the Silos are a fun place for the whole family to gather for concerts, vendor fairs, seasonal activities and more. We hope you join us at one of our upcoming events!

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Farm shop

Seasonal and fresh shopping in the farm shop. We sell most of what grows on our fields directly at the farm.

Chemin du Sécheron 5
Lully, VD 1132

Opening hours:
Jeudi: 15h-19h
Vendredi: 9h-13h